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December 11th, 2013

Earlier this week Weber Shandwick introduced wpForGlass, the first ever WordPress plugin to allow Google Glass users to publish directly to a WordPress hosted blog.

According to Chris Perry, global head of Digital at Weber Shandwick,  emerging technologies — including wearable devices such as Nike+ and Google Glass  — continue to create new ways for clients to tell their stories and engage the public.

“Mass adoption of tech innovations, and complexities that come with changing behaviors, will only accelerate going forward,” he said. “This reality puts a premium on how we evaluate new platforms and their implications for clients. To keep pace, we’ve established a tech innovations work group in North American to evaluate and pilot new platforms, with plans to formally develop this team on a global basis in 2014.”

wpForGlass was built in-house by Ozzy Farman, head of Digital Technology Innovation, and Greg Swan, senior vice-president of Brand Innovation and Digital Strategy.

“This is a prime example of where we will invest time and energy in 2014,” said Perry. “Our clients come to us for forward-looking strategies and expert counsel about telling their stories in innovative ways. With the debut of wpForGlass, we’re continuing to make good on our mission to be “engaging, always,” and ahead on how to make it happen.”

To learn more about wpForGlass, including an introductory video, installation instructions and insights about the implications of wearable tech on real-time marketing, visit the wpForGlass website and read this exclusive feature on Mashable.

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