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July 16th, 2012

Named Asia’s top brand in Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Top 1000 Brands report, Samsung’s success arises from two factors: presence and innovation.

1. Because Samsung is in several consumer electronics categories, it is highly visible in retail environments and advertising. Unlike Apple which is confined to a specific segment, Samsung has a product almost everywhere you look, from mobile to appliances to cameras. It spends heavily on media, which helps the brand be even more pervasive.

2. Underpinning its sheer presence is a consistent drive to innovate and achieve fast speed-to-market. It has made notable strides in the mobile phone and tablet category with products like the Galaxy S III, which is certainly giving Apple and HTC a run for their money. I suspect that the success of products like the Galaxy has a halo effect across all their other categories.

Key to sustaining its success will be innovation, speed and value for money.  As cheap copycat products flood the market, players like Samsung must remain two steps ahead in product innovation and ensure that they leverage the power of social media to build communities of brand advocates.

Zayn Khan is CEO, Asia Pacific, at FutureBrand

(Disclosure: Samsung is a client of FutureBrand and Weber Shandwick)

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