by Karan Bhandari
August 17th, 2016

“What’s next?” ….. it’s the perpetual question in communications, even more so, when digital mediums come into the picture. As we continue through 2016, where social conventions, digital behaviours and audience content consumption keep evolving at break-neck speed, here are my thoughts on the possible big changes still to come:

  • “Who’s the fastest of them all?” – With long awaited 4G services being rolled out across India, access to content will now be easier than it ever. Millennials, being the early adopters, will be the prime target for businesses. Rich media content integration, for mobiles, will see a huge growth. Marketeers have already realised that one content type doesn’t fit all platforms – this distinction will become clearer as we move into the year.
  • Messaging platforms will start to deliver ROI – From Brand Emojis to in-app integration for delivery services, 2016 will be the year where every marketeer will be competing to get their share of audience recall without weaning them away. Sitting with clued in audiences, services such as WhatsApp, the way we see it, will change.
  • Everyone is a broadcaster – Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Livestream and the likes will be clamouring to share their own content. The recent example of news services using Periscope to live-stream, the unfortunate mishap in the Middle East on New Year’s Eve is a prime example of the potency and acceptability of such content. Twitter’s Periscope integration with Go Pro is another prime example, high quality broadcast content at the push of a button (literally!).
  • Assisted technology disruption – The use of near-field communications or NFC, virtual reality or VRgears and mobile augmented reality will become more prevalent, if not the norm when it comes to adding “experience” to communications. The fact that smartphones and devices are becoming increasingly accessible will only strengthen the hold of such technologies.
  • Rise of healthy living and wearables – The need for social affirmation combined with the immersive experiences that devices have to offer will create a whole new ecosystem, right from competing with your peers, to programs that assist in better living and healthy eating. The fact that these gadgets have a brag tag to them will only help.

We’re starting to see a big shift in communications due to a lot of new ecosystems opening up and passionate audiences driven by the need to be the first to discover them.

‘Always on’ has never been more true.

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