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September 2nd, 2013

Earlier this year, Weber Shandwick released its global report The Social CEO: Executives Tell All, which looked in detail at how executives across the world identified the benefits — and risks — of CEO participation in social media.

As part of the report, the agency also drilled down into local market findings, examining how, if at all, executive responses differed from market to market. In the case of Asia Pacific, both China and Indonesia threw up a number of interesting variations from the original global study.

In China for example, 95% of executives with social CEOs search to see what their CEO is posting, compared to 73% globally. Similarly, 89% of these executives would like their CEOs to participate in social media more frequently. Globally, this number was just 69%. At the same time, Chinese executives were more worried about risk, with 63% saying they consider CEO participation in social media to be somewhat risky, compared to 56% globally.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia a massive 94% of executives believe it is a good thing for CEOs to be social, while only 76% agreed with the statement in the global survey. Interestingly, when asked how CEOs social media participation makes executives feel, 6% of globl respondents said they felt embarrassed. In Indonesia, the figure was zero.

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The Social CEO in China:

The Social CEO in Indonesia:


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