by Karan Bhandari
August 26th, 2014

Online Reputation Management no longer works in a silo. There is a crushing need for digital marketers to evolve and integrate social media with customer management strategies. The power of one-to-one social marketing is enormous – it not only spawns positive word-of-mouth, but also helps companies monetize by allowing customers to engage directly with your business.

Social CRM is a starting point. And a treasure chest. Adopting it allows organizations to get closer to their customers. And we all know what THAT means: increased engagement = possible increased revenues and hopefully, increased efficiency. It allows companies to innovate faster by directly engaging with the end consumer.

We encourage our clients to invest effort in online content. I mean the kind of content that not only breaks through the noise and clutter, but also provides value and entertainment to the end consumer. This content doesn’t just drive the possibility of better engaged consumers but also helps drive better ROI through positive sentiment discovery, when used in conjunction with appropriate search marketing tools. We recognise that it is ultimately all about engaging audiences through storytelling that captures marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and the overarching brand messages. Remember, these content pieces need to be structured around the customer, his/her experiences, behavior and needs, rather than focusing on just the business and products.

While the topline of social CRM works on content, people and processes, there is also a dire need for measurement. Tools do provide data we but need to move beyond just the quantity, and into intelligent measurement. The trick is to learn from customer activity by:

  • Optimising processes
  • Designing new engagement programs
  • Creating better products and services

In a nutshell, a smart and sophisticated social CRM strategy not only allows a brand to collect consumer data, upsell services and introduce new products, but also inspire brand evangelism by proactively steering and shaping conversations around its business.

Karan Bhandari is digital director at Weber Shandwick India

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