We believe that content and community are inextricably linked. To build vibrant communities for our clients, we create targeted content that meets and speaks to audiences where they live — online.

Named as Asia Pacific Digital PR Consultancy of the Year 2013 by The Holmes Report, we hub digital campaigns out of most markets in Asia Pacific and provide ongoing counsel to our international clients on the cultural sensitivities of consumer interaction in fast-track and emerging markets.

Our digital strategists have counseled some of the most forward thinking digital brands, helping them adjust to the changing media environment by aligning both strategy and internal structure. Working with us presents the opportunity to leverage proprietary technologies, including advanced social media intelligence tools that allow us to track all forms of social media and provide instant analysis and insight on message delivery.

Tyler Kim
Chair of Operations, Head of Crisis & Issues Management, Asia Pacific
Managing Director, North Asia

Tel: +82 2 6250 7007