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November 25th, 2016

Your campsite is booked, your new sleeping bag is itching to be used, and you’re ready to take on the great outdoors.

But before you go camping, don’t forget to take stock of your equipment. To take your experience from good to great, it’s important to arm yourself with the best tools to handle any curveball thrown your way.

Like camping, a PR internship is no walk in the park. If you aren’t willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty (whether with mud or newspaper ink), you may not get the most out of your experience.

Having the right mindset is a more important tool than owning material equipment like sturdy tentage and a reliable camping stove.

Taking a leaf out of the intrepid camper’s book, here are some tools for interns to include in their survival kit as they embark on their PR journey. They’ll come in handy, rain or shine:


Interns should come ready with their hearts and minds open to learning. Whether the assignment is clipping an article, or preparing an request-for-proposal (RFP) for a client, no task is too big or small.

Like a pair of binoculars that helps campers admire a field of constellations in the night sky, having the right attitude will help you embrace the hidden gems in the learning curve.

Skill-sets like writing, planning and organising will not only add value to your personal life, but also help you become expert survivalists in your future jobs.


Creativity is an indispensable part of the PR intern’s survival kit. Just as potato chips can be used to start a fire, interns can rely on their imagination and creativity to come up with innovative solutions.

At Weber Shandwick, brainstorm and creative catch-up sessions encourage employees to share their ideas. Being confident enough to voice your ideas also go a long way.


Be it in the wild or in a tidy office, things are never always smooth sailing. Having perseverance and a can-do attitude is absolutely essential for when the going gets tough.

Just as failing to pitch a tent the first time is no excuse to give up on camping, failure should encourage an intern to want to do better. Meeting tight deadlines and juggling diverse accounts are part of an intern’s day-to-day. With a resolve to succeed and learn, interns will be best equipped to bravely rise to the challenge and execute their tasks to the best of their abilities.


Whether you’re an intern or a camper, it holds true that ultimately, YOU are the master of your fate. YOU decide what you want to get out of this adventure. Independence is the compass that directs interns to take ownership of their learning and development. While interns have a specified job scope, they still have the autonomy to determine what it is they want to learn.

A PR internship is certainly a challenge. But with the right tools, interns can enjoy a greatly rewarding experience.

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