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May 8th, 2013

Brands have always looked to tap into the ‘mom’ consumer segment. Long before the internet became a mass communications media, moms exercised strong purchasing influence via word-of-mouth activities. With the arrival of the internet, they began to leverage influence through blogs and online communities. Today, in the era of social media, we are witnessing a new shift with the emergence of the ‘mobile mom’.

According to a recent report by InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network, the mobile mom spends on average 7.2 hours consuming media each day, with 24% of that time spent on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With a total of 102 minutes per day spent on mobile devices, this compares favourably with other media such as online (99 mins) and television (96 minutes). Moreover, mobile moms are familiar with mobile purchasing, with the report revealing that 65% of mobile moms shop via mobile device.

Communication consultants must create strategies that focus on mobile moms. Whereas in traditional media there are additional steps to purchase following the initial exposure to information, with mobile, a ‘one-way process’ can be created, which can align with communication, marketing and advertising to increase sales via mobile devices. But to develop an optimised strategy, a number of key questions need to be answered.

1. Is your content appropriate for mobile? Most content is not optimised for mobile devices so make sure your content fits. Mobile devices have relatively small screen size, which means content with too many details is not as effective. How about mobile OS? Will your content can provide the same user experience in iOS, Android, and Windows8? And does your content provide similar experience on different sized mobile devices?

2. Do you know where the mobile mom can be found? Understand where the mobile mom hangs out. In Korea, for example, Kakao Story is the most popular communication channel for mobile moms. It can be accessed easily via the mobile messenger service Kakao Talk, which has 70 million users in Korea. If someone has an account on Kakao Talk, there is no extra process needed to create account on Kakao Story. It also offers ease and comfort to busy mobile moms who are unable to sit for too long in front of their PCs. Corporate communication strategies should look to utilise these communication channels to reach out to mobile moms.

3. Are you in sync with the mobile mom’s schedule? Campaigns that target mobile moms must consider their living patterns. Posting content at 8am, 10am and 1pm may be effective when targeting the working population — focusing on commute and lunch times  — but the daily pattern for mobile moms can be very different. The same times used to target folk at work may well be the busiest parts of a mom’s day. According to InMobi’s US Mobile Media Consumption Report for Q2 2012, 77% of mobile moms in the US use devices while watching TV or shopping. For effective communications it pays to understand the mobile moms’ schedule and implement strategies accordingly.

One thing is certain: the era of the mobile mom is already here. We have to re-align our communication strategies accordingly.

Andy Shin is senior account supervisor, Korea, at Weber Shandwick

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