by Hoya Kim
October 8th, 2014

Korea’s key digital influencers can be divided into two distinct categories: power-bloggers and prominent figures or celebrities.

Many Korean celebrities these days use blogs to communicate with their audiences . The most well-known celebrity bloggers to check out are Hyori Lee, Jiyoon Park, Nayoung Kim, Shoo, and Jungeum Hwang.

A key to this fame is the regular search traffic that steadily flows through their blogs – the content they are producing not only attracts fans and niche audiences, but the public at large who happenstance upon their blogs through general search . The lesson? What you write about matters

Looking at the upcoming trends, it is important to pay attention to athletes and outdoor celebrities who are active on APPS and Social Networking Service; which are expected to be operated based on wearable devices. With the launch of the Apple’s watch in 2015, it is anticipated that sports, electronic and fashion brands will face intense competition to promote their brand message, and such influencers will play a major role in deciding which way the pendulum swings.

But as influence grows, so must the way their activity is managed for business. Two things to keep in mind:

  • The Fair Trade Commission has established a guideline for bloggers when addressing corporate sponsorship in order for consumers to be able to identify sponsored ad content.
  • Content should always be produced with a journalistic lens; reliability diminishes the second a reader even suspects the material is promotional.

Remember: transparency builds trust.

Hoya Kim is account director at Weber Shandwick Korea

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