by Jye Smith
August 14th, 2014

Both B2B and B2C organisations are creating more content than ever before. Audiences, however, are filtering more of this content out of their various feeds, just to cope.  And for business audiences, who are time-poor and chained to their smartphone, this is felt ten-fold.

The general line of thinking is that business and consumer communications are on a separate level, with B2C the more dynamic, creative and engaging offering. As a consequence, the lack of creative space and value on ideation in B2B communications is undermining efforts and investment in any social or content strategy.  This is a mistake. B2B communications should be treated with the same level of creativity as any iconic lifestyle brand.

So what is a brand to do? Here are three easy to implement tactics that will quickly raise the standard — and effectiveness — of your content:

•  Put editorial — and not the channel — at the heart of your online strategy.  What’s the real story? Why would anyone care? Are we offering value or utility?

•  Pay attention to what the audience wants, is searching for, and values.  There’s a plethora of tools for search engines, social media and CRM (just to name a few) to begin to understand these audiences better.

•  Define the brand’s voice — online and country-specific.  The global style guidelines from the US might not be appropriate for Indonesia.

It is no longer enough to open social media channels and populate with mundane, generic content. The changing nature of the media, consumers addiction to list-content and brands relentless nature to push promotional materials has meant that audience now filter, reduce and channel content deemed unworthy.

The challenge for B2B communicators is to make sure their content passes that filter.

Jye Smith is head of Mediaco, Asia Pacific

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