by Pigar A. Mahdar
September 16th, 2015

Like many others, we hit the #SpikesAsia Festival of Creativity last week to expand our knowledge and reignite our creative spirit. While there, we also found #SpikesAsia to be a great source of some of the most timeless and pertinent quotes about communications we’ve ever come across.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best quotes we found during the festival, coming up with a beautiful list for you to save, share, and ruminate on.


When you’re working for an industry that’s as human and constantly evolving as marketing, everything becomes a representation of who we are, where we stand, and what we believe in. Marketing is like a mirror; reflecting what we know of consumer behaviour and insights of the target market in order to build a plan of communication that, ideally, meets both our client and the community’s needs.

But as we seek to provide answers for our clients, the brands we work with and our customers, we sometimes forget to ask questions. The tough questions, the non-standard questions, the interesting questions that spark creativity and push the product and brand into new spaces. Rebellious questions that breakdown conventions and current beliefs. #SpikesAsia was filled with people, brands, and work that shaped our culture, instead of simply reflect the status quo.


Throughout the conference content was never showcased purely because of its creativity or originality, but rather, because of the value and meaningful purpose that it seeks to express.

In an age of saturated timelines filled with brands and personal networks, people are motivated not solely by how good the product is, but how it makes you feel, and why it makes you feel that way.

It’s a phenomenon that’s making a big change for Asia, as more and more middle-class individuals now have the capacity to purchase a product that go beyond its functional usefulness, and tap into fulfilling our need to be relevant, to feel good, and to make a deeper connection with the ‘tribe’ of fellow consumers of that product.


For many, mobile will be the most preferred platform in experiencing and consuming information. Mobile is here to stay, conquer and shift the way brands and agencies communicate and implement their campaigns. And from a creative standpoint, it’s a new marketing playground for agencies and brands to experiment with content and discover new ways to express them.

Which is important. Because with millions upon millions of pieces of content being published every second, fostering a culture of experimentation for your content is key in grabbing the 3-second attention span of today’s individuals.


Speaking of experimentation, we’re sometimes tentative with our creativity, believing tried and true is safer, and that the more creative we are, the more chances our clients and brands have in saying “no”. But the root of creativity isn’t our ideas, it’s the culture that helped instigate and ignite our minds.

We become creative when we allow ourselves to open our eyes to what’s new, and build upon what we think is possible.

Fostering a culture of creativity can make a huge impact on what’s possible for yourself, as well as for your clients. Creativity should not be the worst enemy to avoid. Continue to challenge yourself to keep up with the race and discover a finish line you never thought would discover. 

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