by Katrina Foxe Myburgh
June 16th, 2014

In Asia Pacific, perhaps more than in anywhere else in the world, a country’s food culture is both the litmus test for the diversity of a nation and a strong influence on changing societal trends.

Weber Shandwick’s Asia Pacific Food Forward Trends Report 2014 predicts the food trends most likely to impact corporations, industry bodies and policy makers through the insights of food experts and the discovery of what foods Asia Pacific consumers prefer, where they purchase it and what influences them to make those choices. Conducted by Weber Shandwick through qualitative interviews with food experts, including food writers, chefs, bloggers, nutritionists and researchers, food prediction insights were supported by surveys completed by more than 3,200 consumers in Australia, China, Korea and Singapore.

Country-specific Food Forward Trends Reports published throughout the first part of 2014 revealed key local trends, and these findings were then examined to identify the most significant disparities and similarities among food behaviour in some of Asia Pacific’s most foodie-friendly countries.

From predicting online purchasing power to gauging the influence of international flavours, the importance of food origin to the relevance of celebrity endorsements, both expert insights and consumer survey responses in Food Forward Trends Report suggest that the way we choose, purchase, prepare and share food experiences is being reshaped this year. We expect that these trends will fuel further discussion between retailers, brands and consumers.

Click the link to download the Asia Pacific Food Forward Trends Report 2014.

Click on the image below to view the full Food Forward Trends Report infographic.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.02.03 AM

To download the country specific reports, click on a link below.

Australia Food Forward Trends Report 2014

Singapore Food Forward Trends Report 2014

China Food Forward Trends Report 2014 

Korea Food Forward Trends Report 2014

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