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September 7th, 2015

Weber Shandwick Asia Pacific’s recently launched Asia Pacific Food Forward Trends Report II  revealed some of the biggest food trends across four countries in the region – Australia, China, Korea and Singapore.

Some of the country specific #foodforwardtrends include:

Australian’s don’t want to compromise when it comes to quality or price, ranking quality (34%) and price (32%) almost equal when dining out.  They’re also most keen to try barbeque or smoked food in the coming year – 34% of Aussies told us they were interested in trying BBQ or smoked food in the coming year. 

We confirmed that social media and food are still very well connected in China. Six in ten consumers (62%) in China post about their food experiences on social media once a month, or more; with 17% of Chinese respondents post at least once a day. 

While 42% of Singaporeans said they never shop for food online, 16% are doing so once a week or more, and 33% have once a month or more. Of those online orders, restaurant/takeaway food is the most popular in Singapore (53%), a marked difference to the other four markets surveyed, where non-perishables like packaged snacks and canned goods took out the top spot.

It’s not uncommon for Korean diners to eat out alone. We found that 58% of respondents did so at least once a month, 11% more than last year. With the number of single households in Korea increasing, (the National Statistical Office predicts the number to increase to 30% of the Korean population by 2020), Korea’s food culture is also shifting to cater to this evolving demographic.

You can check out the full report here.





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