by Juny Lee
July 7th, 2014

As getting out brand messages through social media becomes routinized, delivering a strong brand identity is emerging as the key element of social media communication. Social media has not only caused a change in the way brands communicate with their consumers, but also the way they drive brand loyalty.

Pretty much every company shares content through various social channels, but content-marketing efforts that lack a brand identity more often than not turn out to be nothing more than wasted message sharing.

Choice of words, tone of voice, and images used on social media channels should be communicated in the most effective way possible based on a thorough analysis of your brand’s buyer persona. This is because brand trust is developed through conversations and behaviors bilaterally exchanged with your target audience through social media. So how do you establish an effective brand voice?

Factors to consider when building a brand voice

Content persona: Developing a content persona is the first step in defining a brand voice. If you personify your brand, what would be the main characteristics to describe him or her? In order to determine those keywords, you must analyze the buyer persona, or the lifestyle of your brand’s target audience.

Message tone: A message tone is a means of influencing brand awareness and building trust with your target audience. For example, your messages could carry an extroverted tone that gives an impression of openness, or a more introverted tone as a professional expert. When in doubt, a modest tone and manner is always a safe bet.

Language: Even if your brand is established, using a style of language that places your own brand’s intelligence above the target consumers’ can offend and potentially hinder positive relationship building. Decide how you want to position your brand and use appropriate jargon and expressions to reflect this choice.

Persona Purpose: A brand voice helps consumers understand what your brand wants to do for them. Do you want to spread information on a new product or idea? Do you want to drive sales? Make sure the purpose of your persona is reflected in the messages you send out.

Juny Lee is vice-president, Korea, at Weber Shandwick

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