by Billy Chailani
December 16th, 2015

In Indonesia, the demand for digital influencers is higher than ever. With more than 80 million internet users, brands have a huge audience to please. Indonesian consumers are also hungry for content, which is why brands have to create eye-pleasing visuals to pair with engaging stories. But even so, this isn’t always enough; brands also need help amplifying their story. This is where digital influencers step in.

Digital influencers can come from any background – they can be fashion enthusiasts, food lovers, or those that are generally up-to-date on the latest lifestyle trends. These people have millions of followers and share posts that are aligned with their passions: food, fashion, even weekends at the spa. Influencers usually provide witty status updates, visually stunning photos, and videos to capture more attention.

However, in order to engage with them effectively, brands have to be very careful. An influencer and brand mismatch will result in nothing but failure to deliver the core message of the brand.

So with these risks in mind, here are some rules for successful engagement:

Pick influencers that match your brand values
Digital influencers are brands in their own right. Just like brands, they keep every message engaging and in line with their core values. So before initiating contact, make sure that you have done research about who they are and what kind of branding they aim to project. This is because when it comes to posting online, you can never really fake true passion.

‘Likes’ are different than comments
Sometimes it’s not all about the ‘Likes’. When your campaign priority is about creating conversations, you should seek out someone talented at engaging and connecting with their direct followers. Not only can ‘Likes’ be generated through online methods, but genuine conversation makes a very good statement about your brand and helps improve positive sentiment surrounding your engagement.

Frequency and consistency are important
Good digital influencers show consistency in their posts. Pick those who constantly ask questions of their followers. Influencers who highlight their followers are the ones you should contact, as they are the ones followers will come back to again and again.

Know their audience
To know your influencer is important, but paying attention to their community will give you an even deeper insight. Engage with influencers who are really making an impact inside their inner circle. Get to know what they like, what they pick up on, and what triggers a movement in their community.

Authenticity is key
We all know that one influencer who seems to have access to all sorts of products and services. Our tip is to approach those people who are experienced in alternating between sponsored and personal content. Too many product reviews will make their profiles look less personal, whereas a smaller amount of content with more thorough and personal thoughts will help your campaign stand out from the others.

After all, digital influencers often become a direct representation of your brand, which is why picking the right one(s) is crucial in ensuring a great campaign.


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