by Pigar A. Mahdar
September 11th, 2015

Day One at #SpikesAsia, a three day festival of inspiration, creativity and celebration and I suddenly feel like I’m the most uncreative person in the entire city.

When you’re bombarded with reels and reels of footage of immensely successful campaigns, inspiring creatives and the people behind them, you’re very quickly in awe of what creative professionals can achieve and can find yourself asking a very self-reflective question:

“Am I actually a creative person?”

I’ve always had a very simple understanding of creativity. For me, being creative means having an open mind, and welcoming the change and possibilities that might otherwise clash or align with our own conventions.

For others it’s about having an original idea. And for some, it’s about using the newest and most exciting technologies and digital platforms hitting your market.

But as a way of thinking, creativity can be an exciting source of information and ideas that will constantly surprise you throughout your work. It’s a place for you to be inspired by what’s possible and reshapes some of the assumptions that you think are absolute, true and correct.

For agencies, it’s about pushing the boundaries of the brief while being able to provide the right solution to the communications issue at hand. For brands, it’s about moving the needle and expanding their market share by creating new demand and spreading new experiences of their product.

I mean, with all that in mind, yes, I’d like to think I’m creative.

I grew up appreciating arts and performance in high school. Weber Shandwick won me over when they made it clear they considered the role of communications wasn’t just about giving information, but actually telling a story. And with the current state of communication these days, we have to be creative because we’re always fighting each other to grab the attention span of three seconds with other brands, friends, and family.

But what’s interesting about the creativity that’s showcased at #SpikesAsia is that it goes beyond simply being original. Every video, product or campaign is imbued with such a clear sense of purpose and relatability. There’s meaning in the creative solution that they provide to their clients and their projects. It moves beyond awareness, market share, and sales to something more human, and more timeless.

The genuine creativity of today isn’t just about original work, but about work that creatively gives added value to the lives of other people. It brings social cultural change and applies a reshaping of values and conventions to bring progress to our society. It’s this kind of creativity that should be evident in everything we do for our clients and ourselves; the kind that not only enriches your imaginations, but also your wellbeing.

“Creativity is the force for change, progress and good” – Senta Slingerland from Cannes Lions

Dominique and Pigar from Weber Shandwick are participating in the Silent Stage at SpikesAsia 2015

Dominique and Pigar from Weber Shandwick are participating in the Silent Stage at SpikesAsia 2015

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