by George F. Snell III
June 11th, 2014

It’s primary mission? It’s prime directive?


Inform, entertain or do both.

Brand content shouldn’t be about hawking products. Or services. It should be showcasing them in a way that tells a compelling story about what the brand, product or service can do for its customers – whether they are businesses or people.

Content should be grounded in the essence of a brand, but not be about the brand.

Nobody (well, few people) want to watch a product demonstration video about software speeds and feeds. Better would be a video that shows how the software solved real business problems for real people. And done as a story with conflict, drama and a resolution.

The best content inspires action. It gets people sharing it. Clicking on it so they can learn more or participate. It should get them talking: commenting, liking and retweeting.

Too often brands think their digital content should be glamorized advertising. It shouldn’t be. People don’t want advertising. In fact, they actively try to avoid it.

But provide content that entertains and informs and you’ll have customers opting in to read, watch and experience.

George F. Snell III is senior vice-president, digital & social communications, at Weber Shandwick Boston. 

This article first appeared on Snell’s blog High Talk

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