by MJ ONeill
November 28th, 2017

Music is a vital component of Weber Shandwick Asia Pacific. With Behind The Decks, our people share some of their favourite workplace mixes. In this edition, Head of Weber Shandwick Asia Pacific’s Healthcare practice Stephanie Yu connects the dots between healthy listening and healthy living.

Increasingly, music is proving to be more than just background noise. Many illnesses and conditions (both physical and psychological) have been alleviated with the assistance of music therapy. So, naturally, with Weber Shandwick Asia Pacific’s Head of Healthcare Stephanie Yu delivering a mix for Behind The Decks, you can be confident it’ll be more than just a collection of earworms.

Stephanie Yu – Life’s Essentials: Health, Music & Love

“We know music can be therapeutic. It’s not just a type of entertainment. It’s also rooted in being a great companion in the health and wellness industry.  There were revolutionary or smart inventions made just to bring convenience to those who exercise and play sport. Remember the Discman? (And yes, I know I just revealed my generation…) Or the (too) many sports-related accessories that hit the market after the availability of smartphones? Music isn’t just responding to emotions; it helps improve health conditions. For example, see this article from The Economist. Many scientific researchers and documentaries are showing how music may help patients recover from surgery and strokes – or “bring back” the life of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Health is the foundation of living a full and meaningful life. Music is essential to culture and to individuals who embrace culture. To me, the two go hand-in-hand with the third element, love; they enrich us as human beings. Music is full of emotion; so is health.  It’s why the health industry and healthcare are great for storytelling. They’re exciting for the expertise required and sophisticated in the problem-solving and outcomes generated by the industry.

Musicians are dedicated to bringing energy and soul to the world with original performances and new ideas to inspire the industry (and the world). We (the team of Weber Shandwick Health), as part of the healthcare ecosystem, are dedicated to provide solutions to patient empowerment and creatively communicate medical innovation to stakeholders. With such commitments, we hope to do what musicians do – better the world.

This playlist isn’t necessarily something soothing. I hope it serves multiple purposes of motivating you to do more healthy activities to keep your health in check, bringing your attention to unmet healthcare needs, and inspiring you with the emotion you need for your day or your loved ones.”

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