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November 19th, 2012

As part the 2012-2013 Country Brand Index (CBI), FutureBrand’s 8th annual ranking of the world’s leading country brands, the consultancy this year introduced its Future Fifteen, a ranking of 15 country brands on course to transform the global landscape economically, politically and culturally in years to come.

Asian countries are especially well represented in the inaugural ranking, with China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam all identified as up and coming players on the global stage.

Countries were ranked according to six drivers of future country brand strength: governance; investment; human capital; growth; sustainability; and influence.

Leading the charge in Asia is Malaysia, ranked third. The report found that Malaysia’s economic reforms, investment and human capital set it apart from many of its peers. In addition, the report points to how the Malasian government has capitilised on the country’s terrain and animal life to support a thriving tourism sector.

Similarly, China, ranked number six, was praised not only for its economic diversity but also its growing global reach and influence in terms of foreign aid and infrastructure development.

“China gives aid without conditions to secure the resources it needs for development—in turn forging partnerships with great potential,” notes Zayn Khan, CEO Asia-Pacific at FutureBrand. “China is indeed a future brand to be reckoned with.”

 The full Future Fifteen:

1. United Arab Emirates

2. Chile

3. Malaysia

4. Qatar

5. Estonia

6. China

7. Iceland

8. Mexico

9. Brazil

10. Turkey

11. Thailand

12. Colombia

13. India

14. Kazakhstan

15. Vietnam

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